February 27, 2009

I don't know my own strength

At my second stop while running errands, to get things together for my show, I pulled on my door handle to get out of my car and this is what happened.

The whole handle came out off the door panel. Oh my.
Well it was only a matter of time. With my car turning 13 this year. It’s not the first thing that’s gone wrong with my car. Over the life of my car.
*The driver’s side arm of the windshield wiper stopped working, while driving in rain at night.

*Driver’s side window handle broke off, so it would not roll down. My older sister did this one while borrowing my car. I’ll give her the fact that the window was hard to roll down to begin with. But when the handle has tension in it and hard to roll down don’t try and force it.

*The radio has been having a mind of its own. It may go on when I start the car or not. It may come on after a bit when the engine is running. It may short out when going over a bump.

*Front right panel and headlight replaced. My younger sister visited a friend of hers and their mom backed out of the drive way and into the right side of the car. They lived out towards the country. All visiting friends had a designated area to park, which my sister was parked in. The mother was in a hurry and backed up a little too far. She was totally apologetic and paid for all the repairs.

*Wind shield replaced. Dang gravel rock, it remains on the freeway, after icy winter weather.

Still with under 100,000 miles, just under. Like 98,500. Though it has made several trips back and forth to the Midwest to visit relatives and friends. Trips to the beach. It is now my run around town car. That will become a lawn ornament once its time is finally up.

Leave me a comment. I'd like to hear about your car mishaps. These pieces of high tech machinery, or low tech if you have a really old car, that we depend so much on.

Another quote from the Believe in Yourself book: Never grow a wishbone… where a backbone ought to be. By Clementine Paddleford
Oh that’s a good one. If it was only that easy.

February 25, 2009

Events Happening in March

I received this postcard in the mail the other day on the Portland Expo Antique and Collectibles show by Palmer Wirfs happening on March 7th and 8th at the Expo Center.
It is a big event but I’m not able to go to this one as I’m working on getting ready for my very first Vendor Event. Earlier in February I put in my vendor application for the local Crafty Wonderland, monthly handmade artisan event. I received the email last Sunday that I was accepted to be a vendor in March.
Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to participate in Crafty Wonderland on March 8th!

Also, please note that the March 8th show is the FIRST DAY OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! We will be reminding you in our load-in email in the days prior to the show but please make note to set your clocks ahead the night before!

Thanks,Torie + Cathy

The email went on to give more info about the event.
So for those local readers there are a couple big events happening next month. Can you believe March will be here this Sunday. Where did the last two months already go.

Come on by Crafty Wonderland on March 8th at Doug Fir – 830 E Burnside. Next to the Jupiter Hotel. Free Admission. Hours 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stop by their website to see the list of the 40 other vendors who will be participating.
I am so Excited. Frantically working on getting everything done that I want to get done before then. Making sure I have everything for my displays and stuff like that.
What a Whirlwind ride.

February 23, 2009

Birthdays and Easter Ornament swap progress

Over the weekend my family celebrated my brother (2/20) and nephews (2/21) birthdays. For my nephews birthday my brother, Steve, has been giving my nephew, Joe, a canned food item along with his regular gift. This year it was a can of corn. Previous birthdays it was canned green beans, refried beans, and so on. Started on his first birthday and only my brother gets why he does it. He was the only boy among three girls growing up, who knows. Now having a nephew, he can do these zany things. Oh wait he’s always done zany things like this. I’ll have to dig out the pickle man skiing or him levitating an olive. Yup these are great holiday entertainment memories growing up. He’s now 32 and his son, and daughter, is bound to inherit some of his goofiness.
I was able to get some work in on my Easter ornaments for kecia’s swap. Though I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I will give you just a peak at what I am using to make them. These little ducky eggs I found at the dollar store. Photo taken of them on my work table can you tell. I have made more progress than that, you will just have to wait and see the completed ornaments as Easter draws near. Hint – there will be No soldering involved with these sweeties, for those of you wondering.
Our next quote from the Believe in Yourself book – The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do. Unknown


February 20, 2009

My one and only "Day job" entry

Last Fall the managers were working on rewriting my job description, seven years over due I’d say. While they worked on getting all that done and approved by the Human Resources department. Come December my co-worker and I were informed that we would have to reapply for these rewritten jobs. Ok, I started working on updating my resume and picking out an interview outfit. It has been over six years since I interviewed for the job I’m in. As one who knows she doesn’t do well in interviewing, I was a little Oh my golly. Well, come January 29th, my co-worker and I were called into a meeting first thing that morning. In this meeting were the managers and a person from HR. Sitting down, my manager said this is never an easy meeting to do. We, my co-worker and I, were getting the packet. Since they rewrote the job descriptions and we needed to reapply. It basically meant our old descriptions were going away. So they were offering us severance packages. My “oh my golly” just went to “Oh *%!#”. I’ve been with this company for almost 11 years. I’m a single person making a house payment and all the other bills I need to pay. You know all those thoughts that run through ones mind when they are faced with this. Well, they did give us options as far as new jobs. The new job descriptions for the work that we are doing were being posted that afternoon, for applicants to apply. The managers were working with us, because they knew we had a deadline date, 2/20/09. So they put the word out so they could get enough applicants to start the interviewing the week of the 9th. So if interviewing wasn’t enough, knowing that if I wasn’t offered one of these positions I wouldn’t have a job. Though it is work that I have been doing and the hiring supervisors were aware of that, I was on this emotional rollercoaster. Unsure of myself and my interviewing skills. So on and so on. Interviewing was done and now the waiting.
My co-worker had heard this last Wednesday afternoon he was offered one of the positions. It was not until yesterday morning that the other supervisor contacted me to offer me the other position on her team, Contract Analyst. Deep breath, big sigh of relief.
This is why it was a need to celebrate day. I went to the flower shop and got me this bouquet made up. My peaches, yellows and greens I love. Just a little something for myself. That is were I found the great little pocket book, Believe in Yourself. Jacket illustration by Donna Ingemanson. Jacket Design by Heather Zschock.

Another saying from the book. "When your mind is full of indecision, try thinking with your heart". By: Unknown

What happened to me is happening in other areas of the company. Looking at streamlining areas of the company and the big wigs say it’s not due to the economy. Which I do agree with that. You wouldn't know it by our stock price. The company gets lumped in with the Financial piece on Wall Street. Our Insurance Company is going strong. Streamlining to become more effective and competitive in our market. I have friends and know other people who have been affected by these changes with in the company. Most good but some not so good.

If only everyone around the country who got the news of a layoff was able to apply for another opening and get it. My hope and wish for this year, unemployemnt rates across the country would diminish.

Thanks for stopping by.

Soldered items using molds

As most of you are aware I love using solder. So of course after I attended my friend Laurel’s Molding Polymer Clay for Jewelry class. By the way, a great class. If you get a chance visit her etsy shop and see her lovely creations. She does wonders with polymer clay. Back on thought here. I did a little experimenting with the molds I created. First I tried using my torch to melt the solder into the mold, but the solder wasn’t meshing together. I didn’t want to get the torch too close to the mold as I didn’t want it to go up in flames. So I brought out my trustee iron. Used that to melt the solder in the mold. It also makes the back sides of the pieces smoother, when using the iron. Took some patina to each piece, to bring out the details. I haven’t added any jump rings yet, so that I can incorporate them into a piece of jewelry.

The molds look a little scorched from the iron but they will survive.

February 19, 2009

Who doesn't Love Quotes

I went to this great little flower shop a few blocks from my work. To get some flowers for myself, I was so needing something to celebrate. More on that tomorrow. In this flower shop Lubliner Florist Inc they have great stuff other than just flowers. There was this shelf with a variety of those little pocket books. One in particular stood out to me. “Believe in Yourself” by Beth Mende Conny, of different quotes.
Here is the Introduction – In matters of love, family, friendship, and work, this collection of thoughts encourages you to take control of your life and ideas, to turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
As you turn these pages, take the words of advice to heart and mind. Let them serve as loving, accepting, tell-it-to-you-straight kinds of friends. Seek their counsel and their wisdom. Most of all, let them serve as your mirror, reflecting the special person you are and will always be. B.M.C.
I don’t know about you but I am Sooo needing some up lifting, personally, professionally, and every ally in-between.
Come along with me on this ride of Believing in Yourself.

First quote in the book – Let’s dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can – By: Shirley Briggs

February 12, 2009

OWOH winners

Wow, this years OWOH caravan really was something, with just over 900 participants. I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaways. And so as the time is up. I put everyones name into the bowl and the winners are:
First winner of the Maybe Yes, Maybe No pendant is - Jingle from justjingle.blogspot.com
Second winner of the Happy Heart ring is - Leslie from myownlittleworld-leslie.blogspot.com
I will be in contact with you to get your mailing information.

I just want to say that this event has been great. As I have meet several people whom I might not have met otherwise. I was one that wasn't able to make it through the whole list of caravaners. If only life stood still during our caravan mingling. Luckily Lisa will have the list up for several more months as I plan to continue on the caravan. I look forward to meeting more of you.

I leave you with this photo as it is what I feel like doing right now.


February 11, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend in California

My trip to visit my friend Ilene and attend my friend Laurel’s class was fabulous. Once the airplane was able to take off. My luck with traveling continues, the airline boarded everybody on to the plane. Sitting there while the ground crew did the final inspection. They noticed something wrong with one of the propellers. Sitting on the plane until the maintenance crew came and checked it out, just so the attendant could tell us that we had to deboard the plane. The maintenance crew needed to fix the problem and it could take up to a couple hours. Long story short we were able to board again after 45 minutes and make up some time while in flight so I was only 30 minutes late getting into Arcata.
Some great photos once we were up in the air.
Touch Down. We have arrived at your final destination and we thank you for flying with us.
Ilene and Laurel had just arrived at the airport so it was perfect timing. Leaving the parking lot I was able to snap off this picture.
On our drive to Ilene’s she took us through the city of Ferndale. A very picturesque Victorian village, population around 2000. Several movies have been filmed in that town. It was already getting dark and my pictures really didn’t turn out. So those won’t be shared.
We then headed to the house. Settled in for the night. Met Ilene and Dave’s new puppy Jack and their cat Smokey.
We helped Laurel get set up for her class the next day.
I didn’t take many photos during class but here is what I completed. Made molds out of several of my buttons and other items. The heart one is from Laurel’s stash of molds. Hers turns out so much better. We worked on the fuax jade technique during class. Ilene put it best when saying " we wont look at another button or textured item the same".
Everyone had a great time and Ilene made a fabulous lunch. As the class wound down and evening approach Ilene mentioned that Eureka was having their monthly Open Art night and would we like to go. Laurel stayed home as she already had a long day with teaching her first class. So she rested up while the three of us headed into town. Made our way around the Open Arts of Eureka and then headed to Rita’s Mexican Restaurant, one of Ilene and Dave’s favorite places to eat.
Some last minute photos of the beautiful and peaceful place Ilene and Dave live at.
I imagine this back yard is just to die for in the summer time with everything in bloom.
Then it was time for Laurel and me to hit the road on Sunday morning up to Portland.
I love vacations, but it's always nice to get back home. I miss my fur kids when I'm away.

February 10, 2009

I've been Tagged and a sneak peak

Before I headed on vacation I was tagged by Marie of Marie Paterson Studios to share my 4th picture from my 4th folder.
Then as all these taggings (is that a word) go, I tag 4 other people. So here I go:

My 4th picture in my 4th folder.
May 2007. My niece and nephew spending some time at Aunt Melissa’s house. Joseph, who is 8 yrs old, was warming up on the car racing game. Once McKenzee fell asleep, as she has in this picture, she would be put down for her nap and we could race against each other. There you have it. I little glimpse into my life.

Now on to the tagging:

Michelle Geller – Hold Dear
Brenda Wampler – Memories and Treasures
Amy Huff – Lone Star Art
Denise Mares – Artful Bliss

Here’s a sneak peak at a couple photos from flight down to CA. I’ll write more on that tomorrow.

And even more pics. Stay tuned.

February 05, 2009

Gathering with Friends this weekend

When my family got together for our moms birthday, I made it a point to tell them that I will be traveling to Northern CA this weekend to see friends and take Laurel’s Molding Polymer Clay for Jewelry class this Saturday. Since I would not have heard the end of it, if I hadn’t. They still bring up the three day trip I took to Las Vegas a few years ago. It was an Oh I feel like going trip, so I went. As my Aunt puts it, we know you want your independents but we care about you.
I’m 35 and there are times that I tend to get caught up in a moment and just go with it and not just in my art. So they were all informed and I'm good.

After I get back I’ll have some goodies to share with you.

February 04, 2009

Round Robin creation.
I am currently in a RR necklace/bracelet with 9 other great ladies from my charmsters group. In January I was adding to Kara’s piece, with her theme being Embrace the Change. I took one of the wooden spools I won off of ebay earlier in the month
and made a charm piece that I added to her necklace. Taking a piece of paper and wrapping it around part of the spool, then adding the words ‘Change is inevitable, Embrace it!’. Put on a top coating of Diamond glaze. I then added copper tape to each end and soldered. To dull the shine I patina over the solder, then sandpapered it some for an aged look. Stringing wire through the hole and added a bead at each end. I wire wrapped the ends to the necklace. So the spool will spin and roll, as we have to do sometimes with change, when she wears the her necklace.
I tried getting away from soldering on this one, but it just keeps calling to me. And these wooden spools take the tape and solder so well. I’ll have to see what else comes of these cute little spools.

February 02, 2009

Weekend Fun and a good buy

Friday evening all us kids got together to Celebrate my Momma’s birthday, over at my brothers house. She got to spend time with the grandkids. My nephew, who will be nine later this month, whooped my booty on Wii. I don’t have these kinds of games at my house. So I haven't been able to play much. Like I have time.
I gave her my ‘Let them Dance’ creation I made last October at Art and Soul. It’s of me in my ballerina outfit, I was 8 years old. Which I just realized that I didn't take a picture of it. So I will have to share the photo later.
Then on Saturday, she and I had our own shopping day and lunch date. One of the stores we hit was Pier One Imports. Not one of my usual stores for me, but mom goes in and gets her sprays and candles. They do smell great. They're those candles you could just carry around with you and sniff all day. Anyway, while we were looking around I saw they had 90% off all Christmas items.
I came away with these great buys. Two holiday trees, as they call them and the three silver table mats all for under $5.00. Can you say repurpose.

Ok, quick story for you. Who remembers the movie Mommie Dearest about Joan Crawford and her adoptive daughter Christina. Any way growning up when our mom would ask/tell us to clean our rooms, take our plates to the sink and stuff like that we would sometimes reply, in a joking manner, yes mommie dearest.
My mom knows I love her with all my heart.

Let me leave you with this. No more wire hangers.