June 16, 2009


As June is upon us graduations of all kinds are happening. From College, high school, junior high, even kindergarten graduations. I was going through some photographs not too long ago and ran across a photo from my 8th grade graduation. I thought I would share it. Looking at the photo now it helps me see that I was my own person even back then. Can you pick me out of the picture? Even back then I didn't like being in the pictures. With any big event you can imagine the number of photos that were taken through out the evening.

I must not have gotten the memo or didn’t care and did my own thing. I’m not really a pink person and white is just to blah. So when my mom and I came across this peach dress, I knew that was the one. Thank you mom for letting me be myself, even back then.
I still have that dress in the back of my closet. Come to think of it I could repurpose the lovely fabric in some way. Ideas are a brewing now. C#@p, I already have enough up in my head. I think other stuff seeps out my ears every time something else pops in. Maybe that is why I wear my ear phones so much. So as not to loose any more thoughts and such.
Congratulations to all those graduates of 2009.