April 28, 2009

California here I come...

Heading to Pleasanton for the ZNE Convenzione. Mingle with fellow artists, take a class or two, do some shopping (even if it is window shopping). It will just be a great time and place to get rejuvenated.
That way when I come back I will be all raring to go for my next Vendor event that happens on May 9th. Can you believe it, Mother’s Day weekend will be upon us.
So if you are out in the SE Portland area that Saturday stop on by Gilbert Park Elementary at 13132 SE Ramona St in Portland, just north of Foster Rd. For the 'Love Your Mama' Mother’s Day Craft Fair from 10am to 4pm. Dozens of local artists and unique handmade items will be on sale.
Come and see what I made these lovely soldered pieces into.

Mothers deserve to be Queen for at least that day.
Happily Creating

April 27, 2009

I made a lot of progress.

I made a list of what I wanted/needed to get done this weekend. For the most part I worked down the list.
Here is my basket of copper taped pieces that I worked on creating and copper taping on Saturday. All sorts that will become earrings, pendants and rings oh my.
And this is what they looked like on Sunday after I spent the majority of the day in my studio soldering my fingers away. This photo doesn’t show it but all of them have there jump ring attachments on as well. Thank goodness for that jewelers third hand. Now I need to work them into earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.
I even had time to make a copy of the video for my family members from Easter. My niece can now be nicknamed the Chicken wrangler. At the age of four she is able to catch Aunt Monica’s chickens. I told my brother, at Thanksgiving she can go out and catch you the turkey. Joking of course.
Well of course Aunt Melissa was there with the video camera recording her sitting with the chicken, trying to take it on the trampoline with her, and then trying to crawl in the big shrubs that the chicken is now hiding from her in.
So the discs are in the mail.
Oh, one last thing I completed off my list was to finish my Welcome Friends mural. This is now the view on my living room wall. I made my frame into the shape of a house instead of just the usual rectange or square shape. These paper dolls are from the swap I was in last year that Tammy Moore hosted. So now they have found a home on my wall.

April 24, 2009

Creations and another find

Here is a glimpse of a necklace I made earlier this month and sent into Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine. Now just waiting to hear if it was accepted for their Fall issue.
I'll share the rest with you once I hear.

I had an extra hour or so to spare and was able to get some practice using PhotoShop. I went back through and watched the great tutorials that Gail Schmidt from Creative Workshops put together for her on line class I signed up for back in March. This is how mine turned out. The idea was to go with a ghostly feel. Though I am a lover of Autumn and this picture just stuck. I used a different back ground than the one used in the tutorial. Learning to use the different blending tools and layering. The little star brush is great, I'm hooked on using that know. What do you think.
Metal measuring spoons, who knew they would be hard to find in stores. If you do find them they are a bit spendy. So these I won off of ebay. I have plans for them, though it is just getting around to working on that plan. Another thing to add to my ever growing list.
I have alot I am wanting to work on and get done this weekend. This is one of the few weekends I don't have any running around or events to be at. So it's work in my studio time.
Happily Creating.

April 22, 2009


It has been a while. I have many things to share. These may not be exciting but I love my finds I won off Ebay.
These Thimbles came in this great flip top box. Bonus.

I found my marbles, or some marbles. A great mix of colors and sizes.
Who doesn’t have a stash of scrabble tiles. Oh, I didn’t. Until now.
Ok, so I am a week or so late posting about Easter. Though I just had to share with you my lovely Easter tree. I went kind of a different way with it. One, I don’t have much table space and two; I can just see my cats having fun batting each of them around. Not so good. So I went this way.
Found this great metal tree that I hung on the inside Entry door. Hung each of my ornaments and displayed them proudly. It was great fun being in this Ornament swap with such talented artists. Looking forward to the next one.

With the d├ęcor and such in my living room already Leaves. I will probably keep my metal tree up year round and just change out the ornaments.

I have been creating some and I will share that later this week. Stay tuned.
thanks for stopping by.