April 22, 2009


It has been a while. I have many things to share. These may not be exciting but I love my finds I won off Ebay.
These Thimbles came in this great flip top box. Bonus.

I found my marbles, or some marbles. A great mix of colors and sizes.
Who doesn’t have a stash of scrabble tiles. Oh, I didn’t. Until now.
Ok, so I am a week or so late posting about Easter. Though I just had to share with you my lovely Easter tree. I went kind of a different way with it. One, I don’t have much table space and two; I can just see my cats having fun batting each of them around. Not so good. So I went this way.
Found this great metal tree that I hung on the inside Entry door. Hung each of my ornaments and displayed them proudly. It was great fun being in this Ornament swap with such talented artists. Looking forward to the next one.

With the d├ęcor and such in my living room already Leaves. I will probably keep my metal tree up year round and just change out the ornaments.

I have been creating some and I will share that later this week. Stay tuned.
thanks for stopping by.

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Laurel said...

Two things:
1. Love your Easter display!
2. If you happen to find MY marbles, send 'em home!

okay, three things:
3. Thanks for the LOL of the day!