December 12, 2009

12 days of Christmas Tree

So are you surprised. Two posts in one day. I worked on getting my ornaments on to my tree. It is a metal tree that I have hanging on my main door. No need for floor or table space. It's great when you don't have much of that to spare.
So enjoy the photo I took of all the fabulous ornaments. I would like to thank all the great artists who came together for this Ornament swap. I had lots of fun creating my ornament. And the anticipation of opening each ornament once they are received was well worth it.
Now getting to enjoy the holiday spirit every time I look at my ornament tree.
Happy Holidays to all!

12 days of Christmas Ornament

Hello there,
I know it has been a Looonnnnnnggggg time since blogging. My day job along with other activities have kept me busy. Though I thought I would share with you the ornament I made as part of an ornament swap I was in. I chose Four Calling Birds