January 27, 2009

Fun this past weekend.
I got to join in with several other ladies at Sally Jean’s Saturday class ‘Home is where the Heart is’. It is really nice when there is a smaller class, you get to chat and mingle a lot more. I saw Cheryl again, was in the Totally Tiara class last summer with her. Met Brenda, who is a reader of my blog. Brenda did you get to see and play in the snow we had on Sunday, I hope. Because you said every time you come up to Portland it doesn’t rain or snow. Met up with fellow charmster Darlene, hello again. Got to meet some of the other ladies; Renee, Jan, Lisa, Jenna and Debbie who came to enjoy the class. Such fun working on our little house and even little chairs. Let me tell you making and soldering on the legs for the chairs was a challenging task. No one wants a wobbly chair. I was able to complete my creations in the class, which is always nice. So here is what I completed.

January 22, 2009

OWOH giveaway

One World One Heart Giveaway

Welcome. To find others who are participating head over to OWOH blog site. Let the mingling begin.
I could not decide, I like them both and hope you will too, so I have two pieces of my soldered creations I’m giving away. All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post for a chance to win one of them. Making sure that I have a way of contacting you through your blog or email. So if you are commenting under anonymous please leave your contact info in the comment. Otherwise I won’t know how to get a hold of you if you win.
I have recently added the ‘Follow Me’ button so if you like my blog this will let you know when I update it.
Drawing will be held on February 12th. I will draw the names the old fashion way, printing off and putting every ones name in my big bowl. So watch your email at that time. Good Luck.
Here are my giveaways.

1) Soldered Pendant - front view
Back View

2) Small glass bubble soldered adjustable ring
Thank you for visiting and have fun mingling.

January 19, 2009

Vintage Valentine page

I have completed my pages for Dede Warrens Vintage Valentine fat book swap. I had totally flaked that today the post offices are closed. As I don’t have the holiday off, it didn’t dawn on me. So these are already to go out tomorrow first thing.
Let me share with you. I did 16 pages the same. This is what I came up with.
My page will come back in a lovely fat book showcasing several other great pages by other artists, just in time for Valentines Day.

January 16, 2009

Dollies and displays

Do you remember I posted a pic of her earlier this month?
Well, meet her friends.

I ordered these from ABCdistributing catalog about a year ago. Thinking that they would be a great way to display all of my extra charms that I made from the many swaps that I had joined, in 2008.
Here is a photo of the ladies displaying those many charms. I think I got all of them in the photo. My thought now is to put all my extra charms on a bracelet(s). That way these can be used to display all the Pendants I am making.

For the earrings I am making I put together these picture frames with a black velvet background and wire to help hold the earrings.
Here are a few close ups.

Made from small dominos.
Gees looking at these closer, I need to work on using the Macro on my camera better. forgive the blurriness.

January 15, 2009


When I arrive home from work, I come in the door and put everything down and go get my mail key. Step outside my front door to unlock my mail box. There was a delivery notice slip in the stack the other day. My first thought is 'great I have to head to the post office packaging place to pick something up'. I can’t just go to my local post office just down the street. Though after looking at the slip closer it had read 'box was put by your back door'. Sweet, so I headed to the back patio door and see the big box. Bring it in and put it on the living room floor. In no time at all my little helpers were wanting to inspect the package.

As Tiger sat on it waiting for me to open the box.

Once I got it open, it was the fabulous suitcase that I won on Ebay. Thinking of so many storage or display ideas I could use it for.

It will even fit a cat inside. My Jasper just needed to sniff it out and put her scent on it. I love the Mauve color on the inside.

Stay tuned for other display ideas and items I’ve been working on.

January 07, 2009

Memory Monday(in my case Wednesday)

Ok so this memory is a little late. But I still thought I’d share it. The topic is childhood memory related to snow. See Kecia's blog for more on Memory Monday.

Up until I was 10 years old my family lived in the Midwest. Grandparents lived on a farm. Every winter we would get snow, of course it was the midwest. My grandparents driveway was this long hill, probably a quarter mile long. From the top of the hill all the way down to the big metal shed at the end. I was probably 7 years old the first time my older sister and cousins let me join in. We would trek the wooden sleds, the ones you sat on and controlled with your feet, all the way up to the top of the drive way. Usually road two people to a sled. Though there were those daredevil older cousins, who would lie on their belly and steer with there hands. We hopped on those sleds and would go zooming down the hill past the house, the apple trees, and the horses. Though some times the steering would get out of control and we would end up in the yard by the house or some other point in between. That was the fun of it. Getting off the sled and pulling it all the way up the drive way, just to do it all over again. We would be out there for hours enjoying the snow. Until Grandma would come out and yell, You’d better come in I don’t want you to catch cold. So we would slowly make our way to the porch. Take off the wet snow suites, gloves, hats, and boots that we would put by the burning wood stove. Head into the house for some hot Coco, that grandma had made, along with some of her baked goods. It wouldn’t be long before one of us would check to see how dry our snow suite and stuff were so we could head back out.
Oh, so many childhood memoriess of playing in the snow. It was hard to pick just one.