May 30, 2009

Lisa Donahue learning to solder

Sharing some of what I do, we took Lisa's mermaid painting from her Suzi Blu's workshop and scanned it so she could learn to create a soldered charm. She is hanging it from her rear view mirror in her car.
Happily Creating!

May 13, 2009

Convenzione Part 3 and My Boat

Let's Continue. Friday night after the class was done, pretty much everyone headed over for the evening dinner and guest speakers.
Dinner time was a buffet style. So we all got in line and dished up. Some quicker than others.
My new friends Lyn, Jill and others sat at the back table. Though, for some reason, I wanted to mingle and sit at a different table to meet other attendees. I sat with Diane, Kathryn, Shari and a few other great ladies.

Once we got done eating, the first speaker Jill Badonsky came to the podium. Talking about ‘A Journey to your Creative SAelf’ from the special pass card that was handed out to everyone. She talked a lot about “The Voices”. Everyone has them and they come from our fears. It was very enlightening. To drown out those voices a lot of the time I put my head phones on and listen to my music. It helps me focus on what I am doing at that moment.
Our second speaker was Michelle Beschen, who will have a new show coming out this summer called B. Organic. Talked about how every single one of us has creativity in us. As we go through life creating and what not, there are always those Happy Little Accidents. She is so down to earth. I was happy to have my picture taken with Michelle.

Ok, so now on to my Marionette boat from Lisa Kettell’s class.
Come Along for the Ride.
A close up of my doll that dances and moves all glittered and sparkled up. Ready for her big show.
More close ups.
And atop my boat, some great pin wheels sparkling out at sea.

It's All Good.

May 11, 2009

Convenzione Part 2 - the classes

It was tough to choose from the many great classes that were offered. Though I did and these are the two that I chose.
Ruth Rae taught a fabulous wire, coils and such class that I came away with this lovely piece of jewelry.

The many techniques I learned in that class I will use again and again.
Though that Love Knot technique is a real hate it but love it one.

Photo of classmates working on the patina part of the class. Claudette, Terri, Donna, Ruth, Nadine and Julee are just some of the ladies that were in the class. Go check out Ruth Rae's blog as she took photos of the class and posted them right to her blog in literally 5 seconds. She's like photo and zip, there everyone goes as a photo on my blog. Wow, I need to find a way I could post my photos that quickly.

It’s amazing how when working with copper wire or even silver wire, it looks all shiny but once you patina the wire and polish off some of the blackness. The wire shows great depth. A life of its own. Ok so this may just be me. Though the beads you use in your creation take on a whole new look once the wire is patinaed.

Then the class I chose for my second day was Lisa Kettell’s Fairytale follies boat assemblage or something like that. Oh my! So much fun in this class. I did not assemble my boat during class because I needed to pack it and I didn’t want it to get smooshed. Though I now have it assembled but haven’t had time to take pictures of it. I wanted to share a photo from the class showing all the fun we had. Lisa, Gypsy and Lona. While Jennifer, Ann Denise, Joan (mama Kettell) and Kathleen hard at work at the other table.

I will share pictures of my marionette boat later this week.
Happily Creating :)

May 06, 2009

Part 1 of Convenzione

So I landed in Oakland
Oh wait that’s a photo of San Francisco. Here’s my Oakland landing. It looked like we were going to have a water landing. But luckily we hit the run way. It was a smooth flight and landing. No worries.
Once there I took BART to Fremont to meet up with my gracious housing hostess, Lyn. Had a little time before we went to pick up our other roomy Jill, coming in from Ohio.
The Three Amigos. Jill, myself and Lyn.
Headed to Pleasanton for the ZNE opening night reception. There were Bon Bons the size of golf balls.

Mingling! Chel our lovely hostess for the event is on the left in the yellow dress. Donna, Jill, Gina, Julee and Joan are just some of the fabulous ladies I met that night.

goodie prizes! Chel’s daughter came around with a basket for people to draw a letter from to win a prize. I won the letter G. It’s the glitter key to the city (of creativity) and other ephemera.

Music! Jon Troast played at the opening night reception as well as on Saturday at the Art Paperie Vendor Faire. Oh but that wont be the last of Jon Troast.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re in California baby. Palm trees everywhere.

It's All Good.