May 06, 2009

Part 1 of Convenzione

So I landed in Oakland
Oh wait that’s a photo of San Francisco. Here’s my Oakland landing. It looked like we were going to have a water landing. But luckily we hit the run way. It was a smooth flight and landing. No worries.
Once there I took BART to Fremont to meet up with my gracious housing hostess, Lyn. Had a little time before we went to pick up our other roomy Jill, coming in from Ohio.
The Three Amigos. Jill, myself and Lyn.
Headed to Pleasanton for the ZNE opening night reception. There were Bon Bons the size of golf balls.

Mingling! Chel our lovely hostess for the event is on the left in the yellow dress. Donna, Jill, Gina, Julee and Joan are just some of the fabulous ladies I met that night.

goodie prizes! Chel’s daughter came around with a basket for people to draw a letter from to win a prize. I won the letter G. It’s the glitter key to the city (of creativity) and other ephemera.

Music! Jon Troast played at the opening night reception as well as on Saturday at the Art Paperie Vendor Faire. Oh but that wont be the last of Jon Troast.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re in California baby. Palm trees everywhere.

It's All Good.

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JillzWhimzy said...

I agree it's all good!