June 26, 2008


Ok, now that I’ve gotten word that Alison has received her goodie bag. I can share with you this piece that I made.

It just spoke or sang to me. The words across the top bubbles, if you aren’t able to read them, say “Let the Music Move You”. I created the musical notes to dangle from the bottom.
Over the past several months in the different workshops I have taken I noticed that we had music playing in the back ground. Like I have going at my home when I am creating. I think that is a piece that is missing when we take these classes with larger student count.

So, to everyone out there I say ‘Let the Music Move You’.

June 20, 2008

How/where do Creative thoughts and Ideas come to you?

I don’t know about you but mine seem to come a lot when I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Also when I am in the bathroom, taking a shower, getting ready for work, going to the bathroom. I notice, that little light bulb go on in my head.
So why am I talking about this. Well a couple days ago, when I was taking a shower, my mind was bouncing around the ideas people left for me regarding my paper dolls. As I said before with 22 dolls what would be a great way to display them. What came to mind was a combo of ideas. First I will need to find an open frame. My idea is to have several of the dolls collaged with in this frame and then have the others strung hand in hand heading in a line into the frame. Like it is a bunch of friends getting together. So with this idea it could not go on just any wall. It needs to be a focal piece. So later on it came to me as I was coming in the front door of my house. Bam. Why not the main wall in my living room. Though that would mean I need to move my collage of leaves.

Nothing like adding more projects to an already long list. Though you can see there are some partial projects still in the works across the top of the wall. So I think that is what will be going on this wall, in time. I will be keeping my eye out for just the right open frame for my paper dolls.

Just thought I'd share.

June 16, 2008

Where do the weekends go?

My birthday was a great one. Though I still don’t feel any older. A few photos to share. I tell my family members not to get me anything. I have no room for more stuff. Though there are always those that do it anyway. My mother started asking me back in April what I wanted. I would tell her, nothing, I don’t know and on and on. Until last week she asked me again and I finally told her, ok then get me a tackle box that has the pull out tiered compartments.
So this is what I got. I love it. Thank you Mom, Dad and Devin for picking it out.
And this is what I put in it already.
Had a birthday dinner at my brother’s house. He is quite the chef. Though it was the cake that he and my niece made that was the topper. She was so excited to tell me about it and show me. So here I am with the lovely cake.
Then they send me home with this hanging plant.
It’s up by my front door, so hopefully it will survive my not so green thumb. Hasn’t my family learned from the incident in high school.

There was a bonus attraction that night. The neighbors had family over as well. And brought along their Tiger. A baby tiger, 10 weeks old, was out in the yard (on a leash). We went over, I then asked if I could pet him. Sure just watch out for your legs, he likes to grab the legs. So of course my legs stayed away.

On to the drawing. I pulled a name from my bowl yesterday. Sorry for not posting at that time. Like I say up top, where do the weekends go?
The name drawn is – Alison Gibbs.

I want to thank everyone for the great ideas for my dolls. With 22 of them I may do a couple different things.
WooHoo another year older.

June 13, 2008

Unveiling My Totally Tiara - Imagination

Well, I don’t know if it is bad or good but, it’s Friday the 13th. The only one for this year. So I hope everything goes well for everybody today, no mishaps.
I do have one more thing to share from the workshop last weekend. But first, when I signed up for this class back in the beginning of January, in the comments area I put I was taking this workshop as a present to myself, as my birthday was the following weekend. Ok, so last Sunday when Brad came to the studio their daughter, Erika, came as well carrying a box of cupcakes from Saint Cupcake. Sally said it was in celebration of my birthday and all birthdays. I was floored and touched that she would remember I put that in my comments about my birthday. So we sang the happy birthday song and enjoyed the cup cakes.

Alright, so onto the Totally Tiara. I just have to say I loved making mine and am already thinking on ideas for my next one.
Wearing of the Tiara!

The Front View, I added beads to the small glass vials and soldered them to the bubbles for a little something different.

The Right side, I used a couple of tokens from Tim Holtz

The Left side, another token from Tim Holtz

The Back. I added the numbers for the year. And dangled a few of those letter charms I got from my local Joann store that were on clearance for 0.25 cents each.

So this is the top view, I don't know why I took this but it does show how big my head is, wow.

Ok, so when my tiara is not being worn it has a proper place on this pedestal atop my cabinet in my studio.

So that is my Tiara. I hope it was worth the wait. I know it was for me.

Though don't forget I still have my giveaway going on through Saturday, see here, for a chance to win a goodie bag.

Ciao for now.

June 11, 2008

Animal friends at the Studio

During the two day workshop we had some two and four legged friends visit us. Of course the lovely Lucy watched over us as we were working away.

Both days Joseph, the studio bird, came to visit. He enjoys eating the peanuts off the plate through the open window. He has been coming around ever since Sally moved into this studio. So she puts peanuts out for him to enjoy. He would just sit there and eat some peanuts and then fly away.
Sunday Brad brought in his dog Indie, a gorgeous chocolate lab. Though on his papers it states he is silver. Sally told us the story about when Indie came to live with them. Indie got his name from the state that he came from, Indiana. Indie was a father’s day present for Brad last year. So he is still a puppy full of energy, though Brad has been training and working with him. Well behaved dog. I asked Brad if I could take a picture. So as you can see when Brad gave him the sign to lay down, Indie stayed put.

On another note, don't you just love those wooden floors in Sally's studio.

Friday is coming and I am working away at completing my Tiara.

So back to work I go.

June 10, 2008

What goes hand in hand with a Sally Jean work shop, lunch at the Paragon. So here we are heading to lunch.
When we got to the special Brad and Sally room we had these wanting for us on the table. The famous Rosemary Fries. Oh the Yummiest.
As we sit down and dish out the fries, Brad tells us that they go really good with the mixture of ketchup and horseradish aioli for dipping. He was right.
On Saturday while we were there waiting for our food to come we saw this coming down the street.
Horses with roses strapped to the back of their saddles.
Of course last weekend was our local Rose Festival parade and events.
Tomorrow, the studio pets.

June 09, 2008

Need some Ideas, chance to win a goodie bag.

I received my paper dolls in the mail, WooHoo, from Tammie Moore’s Spring time swap. How cute are they.
So there are a total of 22 dolls ranging in height from 8” to 11”. I have wall space and shelf space, but I’m not sure how I want to display them. So that is were you come in. Leave me your comments on ideas about how you would display them. Then the morning after my birthday bash, Sunday morning, I will draw the name of the lucky winner of this goodie bag (not filled yet). The quarter next to it gives you an idea of the bag size.

I am still finishing up on my Totally Tiara. With a two day class and 11 fabulous ladies (and Brad) we socialized alot during the class so not all of us completed our Tiaras. Guilty.
Though here is a little peak.
Oh, wait I got farther than that, let's try this one.
The finished Tiara will be displayed on Friday. My deadline to get it done so I can wear it at work.
Look forward to hearing all the great ideas you come up with for my dolls.

June 06, 2008

Where does the time go.

With the weather here in the Northwest still feeling like early spring, those highs trying to reach 60 degrees. All the rain still coming down. It doesn't feel like it should be June already. But it is and half the year is going to be over before you know it. It may be because I have been waiting for June to come for a couple reasons. First, it was back in January that I signed up for Sally Jean’s 2-day Totally Tiara workshop that happens this weekend. Yippy!!! I have her book and have tried some of the projects though the tiara was a big one and haven’t tried it. So why not create and learn more from the artist herself. Should be a blast. We even get to head over to the Paragon restaurant for lunch. Yummy.
Second, there is a big event that happens on Flag day each year. I know most people probably don’t think it is a big event, that their birthday comes each year. But I try and do something for myself. That is why I splurged on the Sally Jean workshop. It falls close enough to my birthday. If people aren’t aware Flag day falls on the 14th. So I thought in celebration of my birthday I would giveaway a good bag. So stay tuned, more to come about that. Something different than my monthly RAK.
One last thing to leave you with. I have been working on these ATCs over the past month or so. Here is a peak at a few of them. Of course using the lovely Ranger products.
These I used the paint dabbers and embossing ink and power and rubber stamps.
For these the Alcohol inks were used and rubber stamps.
So with all the swaps and trades I have been doing. I had to order more Moo cards. Here is the photo that I used. Next time around I will update the photo to add more of my newer creations.
More to come.

June 01, 2008

Charm Swaps and more

So along with taking Stephanie Lee’s classes I have been working on my charms for a couple of the swaps that I am in and hosting. So the first one has a theme of game pieces. I have several odds and ends pieces that I could have gone with. Though I went with the Monopoly pieces. The houses and hotels. This is what I came up with.

The other on is through my Charmsters group and the theme for this one is Grunge. So I scrounged up some old keys and those wooden measuring sticks. Took some wire and wrapped them all together.
So what do ya think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

So on Friday I was heading out to my parents house and had to stop by the Harbor Freight store to get me some metal stamping letter sets that were used in Stephanie’s class. On the shelf above those was this great Doming block and punch set. Could not pass it up. For a 25 piece set I’ve seen priced at $85 - $90 dollors. Way out priced for me. This one was even on sale for $24.99. I could use it as a paper weight, it is that heavy. Just kidding. It has a nice spot on one of my shelves.

This last week I have been doing some thinking about my artistic creations. I have that full time other job, it pays for all the bills and me being able to do all my creating that I do. Though with that I do want to take myself more serious as an artist. I’m not just getting all these supplies and tools just because. I would like to work into selling my creations. I have a room designated for these supplies and tools that I have called my Hobby/Craft room up until know. This is what I have know put above my door way to this room.

Pretty good find. I was at Joann’s last week and came across these alphabet charms, in the clearance bins up front. It showed they are used on purses. Yeah right. I went through all the bins to try and get each letter of the alphabet. I came away with all but three of the letters. Not bad. Only .25 cents each. What will I do with them. Any and all ideas are welcome.

So as I am letting my creativity flow. One of my sweet kitty cats, Tiger, has a nice nap. Isn't that the cutest face.

Off to sleep I go. Sweet Dreams to everybody.