June 09, 2008

Need some Ideas, chance to win a goodie bag.

I received my paper dolls in the mail, WooHoo, from Tammie Moore’s Spring time swap. How cute are they.
So there are a total of 22 dolls ranging in height from 8” to 11”. I have wall space and shelf space, but I’m not sure how I want to display them. So that is were you come in. Leave me your comments on ideas about how you would display them. Then the morning after my birthday bash, Sunday morning, I will draw the name of the lucky winner of this goodie bag (not filled yet). The quarter next to it gives you an idea of the bag size.

I am still finishing up on my Totally Tiara. With a two day class and 11 fabulous ladies (and Brad) we socialized alot during the class so not all of us completed our Tiaras. Guilty.
Though here is a little peak.
Oh, wait I got farther than that, let's try this one.
The finished Tiara will be displayed on Friday. My deadline to get it done so I can wear it at work.
Look forward to hearing all the great ideas you come up with for my dolls.


Alison Gibbs said...

Howa about a pretty little string line to hang your paper dolls on using some sweet little pegs or coloured paper clips.

Blaiz said...

I was going to suggest stringing them together, too. How about adding a tab (a downward "v") to the back of each doll, and hooking them onto a thin piece of ribbon?

Dawn Sellers said...

Love the tiara - be sure to post a picture of yourself wearing it!

Anonymous said...

I think I would create an altered book or scrapbook for them by turning up the pages to create a pocket for each one and a little artsy work to complement the doll on her page. They look fun and the clothes line is a cute idea as well. Enjoy them whatever you decide! Carla H.

NanaBeth said...

I'd have to frame some of them. Very,very simple as no to distract from them.

Leticia said...

How about a doll collage?