June 06, 2008

Where does the time go.

With the weather here in the Northwest still feeling like early spring, those highs trying to reach 60 degrees. All the rain still coming down. It doesn't feel like it should be June already. But it is and half the year is going to be over before you know it. It may be because I have been waiting for June to come for a couple reasons. First, it was back in January that I signed up for Sally Jean’s 2-day Totally Tiara workshop that happens this weekend. Yippy!!! I have her book and have tried some of the projects though the tiara was a big one and haven’t tried it. So why not create and learn more from the artist herself. Should be a blast. We even get to head over to the Paragon restaurant for lunch. Yummy.
Second, there is a big event that happens on Flag day each year. I know most people probably don’t think it is a big event, that their birthday comes each year. But I try and do something for myself. That is why I splurged on the Sally Jean workshop. It falls close enough to my birthday. If people aren’t aware Flag day falls on the 14th. So I thought in celebration of my birthday I would giveaway a good bag. So stay tuned, more to come about that. Something different than my monthly RAK.
One last thing to leave you with. I have been working on these ATCs over the past month or so. Here is a peak at a few of them. Of course using the lovely Ranger products.
These I used the paint dabbers and embossing ink and power and rubber stamps.
For these the Alcohol inks were used and rubber stamps.
So with all the swaps and trades I have been doing. I had to order more Moo cards. Here is the photo that I used. Next time around I will update the photo to add more of my newer creations.
More to come.

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Cindy Dean said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope you have fun in Sally Jeans class. She is really a great teacher! Love the ATC's. I just bought some ranger inks to try. I know...I am kinda late getting on board!