June 01, 2008

Charm Swaps and more

So along with taking Stephanie Lee’s classes I have been working on my charms for a couple of the swaps that I am in and hosting. So the first one has a theme of game pieces. I have several odds and ends pieces that I could have gone with. Though I went with the Monopoly pieces. The houses and hotels. This is what I came up with.

The other on is through my Charmsters group and the theme for this one is Grunge. So I scrounged up some old keys and those wooden measuring sticks. Took some wire and wrapped them all together.
So what do ya think? Leave me a comment and let me know.

So on Friday I was heading out to my parents house and had to stop by the Harbor Freight store to get me some metal stamping letter sets that were used in Stephanie’s class. On the shelf above those was this great Doming block and punch set. Could not pass it up. For a 25 piece set I’ve seen priced at $85 - $90 dollors. Way out priced for me. This one was even on sale for $24.99. I could use it as a paper weight, it is that heavy. Just kidding. It has a nice spot on one of my shelves.

This last week I have been doing some thinking about my artistic creations. I have that full time other job, it pays for all the bills and me being able to do all my creating that I do. Though with that I do want to take myself more serious as an artist. I’m not just getting all these supplies and tools just because. I would like to work into selling my creations. I have a room designated for these supplies and tools that I have called my Hobby/Craft room up until know. This is what I have know put above my door way to this room.

Pretty good find. I was at Joann’s last week and came across these alphabet charms, in the clearance bins up front. It showed they are used on purses. Yeah right. I went through all the bins to try and get each letter of the alphabet. I came away with all but three of the letters. Not bad. Only .25 cents each. What will I do with them. Any and all ideas are welcome.

So as I am letting my creativity flow. One of my sweet kitty cats, Tiger, has a nice nap. Isn't that the cutest face.

Off to sleep I go. Sweet Dreams to everybody.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I love your grunge charms! Now I wish I'd have participated.

Great find at Harbor Freight... I'm going to have to make a trip there soon!


Charmingdesigns said...

I went and got my letter punches from Harbor freight...now I need to go look for those round thingys! I love your work. I would like to take another class from Stephanie...just so I get something done.lol!!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Delightful peek at your findings. I think I would dangle the charms on your cute soldered glass charms. Thanks for sharing! Carla H.