May 30, 2008

Still Lots going on and a Winner!

I know it’s already Friday. Were does the time go, I’ve been bad about blogging, the lack of it. So about last weekend I have to say it was Great. Thank goodness for that extra day off. I headed out to Diane’s studio in Clackamas OR for Stephanie Lee’s Chain Gang class on Saturday. Loved it! Loved it! This lady is just an Awesome person and artist. Learned so many new techniques. I have been doing soldering for several months now, with a soldering iron, but today I got to play with a micro torch for the first time.
Now I have added that to my list of tools I Need. Along with the Metal Bench Grinder. Makes short work of grinding the bezels I made. Found another use for Paster of Paris.
So as the day wound down the group headed back out to the round Cedar house in Diane’s back yard. As it came to my turn to do my wish and intention. I said that I intend to finish my bezel creation, still working on that intention,
and my wish was that I would have been able to get into the class on Sunday but it was full. WELL, as the group was heading back into the house Diane mentioned that she had a cancellation and the person on the waiting list has not gotten back to her. Would I want the spot. I jumped at the opportunity. So this is were I’m thankful for that extra day off.

The weather we had that evening, on Saturday, was just like a great Midwest storm, thunder and lightning. Living back in the Midwest as a kid, I loved those storms. It may be kind of odd but I would go outside and sit on the patio and just let the storm rumble through me, figuratively. So that is what I did Saturday night. Went out on my back deck and soaked it all in, literally it was raining along with the thunder and lightning. Though my cats aren’t too fond of the storms. They go and hide under the covers in the bedroom.

Ok so back to the classes. Sunday was the Junk Drawer metalsmithing class.Ok, first on a side note these classes I took were smaller class sizes, 9 students, than those art retreats of up to 26 students. Much more personable. Everyone got to interact with each other. Great group of ladies. In this class I learned a couple more techniques. I have to say I learned a new way to use ALL of my rubber stamps and StazOn ink pads that I have, on metal.
Use of Metal Alpha stamps on solder. Another tool item for my list. Made more bezels.
Alright, thank you for reading through my ramblings. I would like to thank all of you who visited my sight and left comments.
I have pulled the lucky winner out of my hat, ok so it was a bowl.
The winner is - Becca
Hope everyone has a Smashing Day.
P.S. It was not until Tuesday after work that I got my lawn mowed and yard work done.

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NanaBeth said...

You are so multi-talented. I am in awe.