March 24, 2009

My bird charms have finally found a home

Last Summer I was in a charm swap, Summer Birds, were I received 20 plus charms in this swap. I have had them stored in a zip bag up until this last weekend. When I figured out what I wanted to do with them. Usually I attached my charms to a necklace or bracelet. Then it hangs on a hook until I decide to wear it. With my birds I wanted to do something different, but was not sure what, until now. I snagged a small branch from the ground under my elm tree. Took out my wire, link chain, jump rings and charms. Wrapped the wire, hung the link chains and attached each charm to the chains to hang down.
Then at the bottom I incorporated my Birdie that I made a few weeks back in Sally Jeans class. Glitter legs and all.
So now hanging from the hook they have a great view out my kitchen window. It makes a great addition to my kitchen.
I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.
Another Belive in yourself Quote - Understand that you will always have one person upon whom you can depend -- yourself. by: Sonya Friedman


Diana said...

Love your chimes and bird you created in Sally Jean's class. Looking forward to spending time with you in July at Sally Jean's. You are so fortunate to have her right there in your home town. Take care, Melissa, and see you soon.


kecia said...

lol, melissa, i still need to do something with my birds from the same swap!

JillzWhimzy said...

Hi Melissa I'm your roomie for Convenzione! Yeah I can't wait I went last yr. & took Sally Jean's class then she's amazing! Love your bird & look forward to meeting you.

Michelle said...

looks beautiful! I hope you'll join my new swap too!