February 20, 2009

Soldered items using molds

As most of you are aware I love using solder. So of course after I attended my friend Laurel’s Molding Polymer Clay for Jewelry class. By the way, a great class. If you get a chance visit her etsy shop and see her lovely creations. She does wonders with polymer clay. Back on thought here. I did a little experimenting with the molds I created. First I tried using my torch to melt the solder into the mold, but the solder wasn’t meshing together. I didn’t want to get the torch too close to the mold as I didn’t want it to go up in flames. So I brought out my trustee iron. Used that to melt the solder in the mold. It also makes the back sides of the pieces smoother, when using the iron. Took some patina to each piece, to bring out the details. I haven’t added any jump rings yet, so that I can incorporate them into a piece of jewelry.

The molds look a little scorched from the iron but they will survive.


Ilene Harris said...

Hi Melissa

Those are awesome! I'm not quite certain how you used the iron...

Did you read my blog entry on molten metal? Check it out!


Laurel said...

Awesome idea!!!!