February 19, 2009

Who doesn't Love Quotes

I went to this great little flower shop a few blocks from my work. To get some flowers for myself, I was so needing something to celebrate. More on that tomorrow. In this flower shop Lubliner Florist Inc they have great stuff other than just flowers. There was this shelf with a variety of those little pocket books. One in particular stood out to me. “Believe in Yourself” by Beth Mende Conny, of different quotes.
Here is the Introduction – In matters of love, family, friendship, and work, this collection of thoughts encourages you to take control of your life and ideas, to turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
As you turn these pages, take the words of advice to heart and mind. Let them serve as loving, accepting, tell-it-to-you-straight kinds of friends. Seek their counsel and their wisdom. Most of all, let them serve as your mirror, reflecting the special person you are and will always be. B.M.C.
I don’t know about you but I am Sooo needing some up lifting, personally, professionally, and every ally in-between.
Come along with me on this ride of Believing in Yourself.

First quote in the book – Let’s dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can – By: Shirley Briggs

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