February 20, 2009

My one and only "Day job" entry

Last Fall the managers were working on rewriting my job description, seven years over due I’d say. While they worked on getting all that done and approved by the Human Resources department. Come December my co-worker and I were informed that we would have to reapply for these rewritten jobs. Ok, I started working on updating my resume and picking out an interview outfit. It has been over six years since I interviewed for the job I’m in. As one who knows she doesn’t do well in interviewing, I was a little Oh my golly. Well, come January 29th, my co-worker and I were called into a meeting first thing that morning. In this meeting were the managers and a person from HR. Sitting down, my manager said this is never an easy meeting to do. We, my co-worker and I, were getting the packet. Since they rewrote the job descriptions and we needed to reapply. It basically meant our old descriptions were going away. So they were offering us severance packages. My “oh my golly” just went to “Oh *%!#”. I’ve been with this company for almost 11 years. I’m a single person making a house payment and all the other bills I need to pay. You know all those thoughts that run through ones mind when they are faced with this. Well, they did give us options as far as new jobs. The new job descriptions for the work that we are doing were being posted that afternoon, for applicants to apply. The managers were working with us, because they knew we had a deadline date, 2/20/09. So they put the word out so they could get enough applicants to start the interviewing the week of the 9th. So if interviewing wasn’t enough, knowing that if I wasn’t offered one of these positions I wouldn’t have a job. Though it is work that I have been doing and the hiring supervisors were aware of that, I was on this emotional rollercoaster. Unsure of myself and my interviewing skills. So on and so on. Interviewing was done and now the waiting.
My co-worker had heard this last Wednesday afternoon he was offered one of the positions. It was not until yesterday morning that the other supervisor contacted me to offer me the other position on her team, Contract Analyst. Deep breath, big sigh of relief.
This is why it was a need to celebrate day. I went to the flower shop and got me this bouquet made up. My peaches, yellows and greens I love. Just a little something for myself. That is were I found the great little pocket book, Believe in Yourself. Jacket illustration by Donna Ingemanson. Jacket Design by Heather Zschock.

Another saying from the book. "When your mind is full of indecision, try thinking with your heart". By: Unknown

What happened to me is happening in other areas of the company. Looking at streamlining areas of the company and the big wigs say it’s not due to the economy. Which I do agree with that. You wouldn't know it by our stock price. The company gets lumped in with the Financial piece on Wall Street. Our Insurance Company is going strong. Streamlining to become more effective and competitive in our market. I have friends and know other people who have been affected by these changes with in the company. Most good but some not so good.

If only everyone around the country who got the news of a layoff was able to apply for another opening and get it. My hope and wish for this year, unemployemnt rates across the country would diminish.

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Anonymous said...

Melissa, glad to hear the outcome was positive. :)


m i c h e l l e said...

Oh Melissa! I had no idea! We're havin' some crazy times right now. So glad to hear it all worked out! Sheesh!!!!