February 23, 2009

Birthdays and Easter Ornament swap progress

Over the weekend my family celebrated my brother (2/20) and nephews (2/21) birthdays. For my nephews birthday my brother, Steve, has been giving my nephew, Joe, a canned food item along with his regular gift. This year it was a can of corn. Previous birthdays it was canned green beans, refried beans, and so on. Started on his first birthday and only my brother gets why he does it. He was the only boy among three girls growing up, who knows. Now having a nephew, he can do these zany things. Oh wait he’s always done zany things like this. I’ll have to dig out the pickle man skiing or him levitating an olive. Yup these are great holiday entertainment memories growing up. He’s now 32 and his son, and daughter, is bound to inherit some of his goofiness.
I was able to get some work in on my Easter ornaments for kecia’s swap. Though I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I will give you just a peak at what I am using to make them. These little ducky eggs I found at the dollar store. Photo taken of them on my work table can you tell. I have made more progress than that, you will just have to wait and see the completed ornaments as Easter draws near. Hint – there will be No soldering involved with these sweeties, for those of you wondering.
Our next quote from the Believe in Yourself book – The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do. Unknown


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