February 05, 2009

Gathering with Friends this weekend

When my family got together for our moms birthday, I made it a point to tell them that I will be traveling to Northern CA this weekend to see friends and take Laurel’s Molding Polymer Clay for Jewelry class this Saturday. Since I would not have heard the end of it, if I hadn’t. They still bring up the three day trip I took to Las Vegas a few years ago. It was an Oh I feel like going trip, so I went. As my Aunt puts it, we know you want your independents but we care about you.
I’m 35 and there are times that I tend to get caught up in a moment and just go with it and not just in my art. So they were all informed and I'm good.

After I get back I’ll have some goodies to share with you.

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Marie Patterson Studio said...


This was fun...come to my blog as you've been "tagged". It's an easy one!


p.s. that class sounds fun