February 27, 2009

I don't know my own strength

At my second stop while running errands, to get things together for my show, I pulled on my door handle to get out of my car and this is what happened.

The whole handle came out off the door panel. Oh my.
Well it was only a matter of time. With my car turning 13 this year. It’s not the first thing that’s gone wrong with my car. Over the life of my car.
*The driver’s side arm of the windshield wiper stopped working, while driving in rain at night.

*Driver’s side window handle broke off, so it would not roll down. My older sister did this one while borrowing my car. I’ll give her the fact that the window was hard to roll down to begin with. But when the handle has tension in it and hard to roll down don’t try and force it.

*The radio has been having a mind of its own. It may go on when I start the car or not. It may come on after a bit when the engine is running. It may short out when going over a bump.

*Front right panel and headlight replaced. My younger sister visited a friend of hers and their mom backed out of the drive way and into the right side of the car. They lived out towards the country. All visiting friends had a designated area to park, which my sister was parked in. The mother was in a hurry and backed up a little too far. She was totally apologetic and paid for all the repairs.

*Wind shield replaced. Dang gravel rock, it remains on the freeway, after icy winter weather.

Still with under 100,000 miles, just under. Like 98,500. Though it has made several trips back and forth to the Midwest to visit relatives and friends. Trips to the beach. It is now my run around town car. That will become a lawn ornament once its time is finally up.

Leave me a comment. I'd like to hear about your car mishaps. These pieces of high tech machinery, or low tech if you have a really old car, that we depend so much on.

Another quote from the Believe in Yourself book: Never grow a wishbone… where a backbone ought to be. By Clementine Paddleford
Oh that’s a good one. If it was only that easy.

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Ilene Harris said...

Happy Saturday, Michelle!

That's a great story about your car. Be sure that Laurel sees it, as we all know she can identify with what's going on.