January 07, 2009

Memory Monday(in my case Wednesday)

Ok so this memory is a little late. But I still thought I’d share it. The topic is childhood memory related to snow. See Kecia's blog for more on Memory Monday.

Up until I was 10 years old my family lived in the Midwest. Grandparents lived on a farm. Every winter we would get snow, of course it was the midwest. My grandparents driveway was this long hill, probably a quarter mile long. From the top of the hill all the way down to the big metal shed at the end. I was probably 7 years old the first time my older sister and cousins let me join in. We would trek the wooden sleds, the ones you sat on and controlled with your feet, all the way up to the top of the drive way. Usually road two people to a sled. Though there were those daredevil older cousins, who would lie on their belly and steer with there hands. We hopped on those sleds and would go zooming down the hill past the house, the apple trees, and the horses. Though some times the steering would get out of control and we would end up in the yard by the house or some other point in between. That was the fun of it. Getting off the sled and pulling it all the way up the drive way, just to do it all over again. We would be out there for hours enjoying the snow. Until Grandma would come out and yell, You’d better come in I don’t want you to catch cold. So we would slowly make our way to the porch. Take off the wet snow suites, gloves, hats, and boots that we would put by the burning wood stove. Head into the house for some hot Coco, that grandma had made, along with some of her baked goods. It wouldn’t be long before one of us would check to see how dry our snow suite and stuff were so we could head back out.
Oh, so many childhood memoriess of playing in the snow. It was hard to pick just one.

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kecia said...

thanks for playing, Melissa (and you can blog your memory whenever you want, btw!) i enjoyed reading about your sleding adventures and could picture the whole experience in my head. idid expect to hear about some wipout by the shed! coming in for some cocoa and a fire was a great way to end the day!