January 15, 2009


When I arrive home from work, I come in the door and put everything down and go get my mail key. Step outside my front door to unlock my mail box. There was a delivery notice slip in the stack the other day. My first thought is 'great I have to head to the post office packaging place to pick something up'. I can’t just go to my local post office just down the street. Though after looking at the slip closer it had read 'box was put by your back door'. Sweet, so I headed to the back patio door and see the big box. Bring it in and put it on the living room floor. In no time at all my little helpers were wanting to inspect the package.

As Tiger sat on it waiting for me to open the box.

Once I got it open, it was the fabulous suitcase that I won on Ebay. Thinking of so many storage or display ideas I could use it for.

It will even fit a cat inside. My Jasper just needed to sniff it out and put her scent on it. I love the Mauve color on the inside.

Stay tuned for other display ideas and items I’ve been working on.


Laurel said...

Wonderful old suitcase! And BTW, I also love your new blog banner!

m i c h e l l e said...

Congratulations on "winning" that gorgeous suitcase! *wink *wink* Can't wait to see how you work it! :-)

Vie Chaotique said...

HI I actually have one that was supposed to be a pet bed, short legs had been added to it. Anyway it didn't have safe hinges so I use it as an ottoman/ printer stand.