December 29, 2008

The Artic Blast and more…

Well, we’re pretty much back to normal Portland weather, Rain. Though with all of this SNOW we had, we heard so much about UPS and Fed Ex having a tough time delivering the packages. Well last Tuesday the USPS was able to get around and deliver, as I snapped this photo of my local mail carrier making their way around the snowy roads of Portland.
With my work closed last Monday and Tuesday and me taking Wednesday off. I needed to get a couple things finished and off my desk as work. So I ventured into downtown Portland, by bus, last Tuesday. Afterwards, on my way to catch the bus I snapped this shot of the local wild life, ok it’s just a statue.
Getting off the bus and treking through the snow those couple blocks to my house, I looked up and saw the limbs on my big Elm tree in my front yard looking so wintry all covered with ice. Such a lovely site.
Once I got inside my cutie cats were happy to see me but were also intrigued by the snow. I have a cat napper that sits in my living room window and Tiger looking at what little activity was going on outside.
Now that the work work stuff was off my plate. I got to spend most of my days off, in hibernation working on some fun stuff. My lovely model elegantly displays a majority of my items I worked on over the holiday weekend.
Once this morning came I was ready to get back into my regular routine. With all those days off I was not sure which day was which. And my usual bedtime was thrown out the door when I get into my creating moods. That did make it even tougher to get up a 5 a.m. this morning for work.
More on my lovely model at a later date.

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