November 21, 2008

Need/Want Your Feed Back

I went for it. I submitted my Application and 4 photos for the Buckman Art Show and Sell event in town. Now I’m just waiting to hear, in three weeks. So for know I want to put my pictures out there and get your feed back on my items and any other input would be greatly appreciated. This is my first ever venture into selling my creations.

Let me know your thoughts. If these items were out on a vendors table would you stop, look and buy? Reasonable priced items from $18.00 to $40.00.
What type of table display would catch your eye?
All photos were taken by me. So any input on ways to better the photos is also welcome.

Oh my, vendor booths, eeck. I’m getting ahead of myself though. I have to wait to hear if I am part of the event, which is the first weekend in March 2009.
Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated. I’m not sure the size of the booth area but it’s probably not longer that 4 feet table. I’m thinking.

So spread the word, the more feed back the better.

Though, I do have one more creation to share with you. My snowflake baby. This was not one that I submitted.
After my doll coffin I got this idea for winter time. It’s only a little over 3 inches tall and 2 ¼ inches wide. One of my very small, 1 inch, frozen charlotte dolls encased in glass and surrounded by hand cut blue stained glass. With a small strand of beads inside.


kecia said...

well, first of all, melissa, congrats on believing in yourself and taking the step to join a juried show. i think your stuff is cool and different and will catch the eye of people. the biggest piece of advice i can offer you is your display - make it stand out! think of more than just a flat table where you lay your stuff out. try to create height and dimension thru display pieces. i use old wood boxes, old jewelry boxes, maybe you can easel and cover a piece of canvas with some off white piece of material and hang some things from it. i recommend covering your table (get a table to floor cloth) in white or perhaps, burlap, which is what i use on my table. i use mostly vintage items for my "display" items. i will be posting some pictures on my blog from the show i just did and maybe it will help generate some ideas for you. when is the show? if it is around a certain holiday, make sure you have items reflecting that (mother's day for example: have an item that you are targeting as a great gift for a mom or eve a new mom, etc.) please ask me any questions you have as i have been doing shows for years. keep in mind, they are a lot of work, but fun. you meet a lot of interesting people, get asked weird questions or requests. be prepared to sell yourself. don't be shy, tell people who are looking at your table that you make everything yourself (some people don't realize that even at a "handmade" show, that you've made the stuff...)sell yourself and don't be shy. everyone will want a business card, but i've rarely gotten business from that. it's like they "collect" the cards - lol; but have them anyway. maybe offer to do custom work with their personal pictures, whatever!
good luck!

kecia said...
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kecia said...

**should say, maybe you can use an easel

also, you can to find out how much material you need to cover a table measure the width, height and then get the measurements from the floor the the table x 4 sides. measure in inches so that you come up with a complete total of inches and then divide by 36. this should tell you how many yards you need to cover a table across and down to the floor. most shows want the top, sides and front covered.

jenzai studio said...

You go girl! I'm typing one handed w/nursing baby in arms so will have to forego advice, not that I have any experience to share anyway! I think it is awesome that you are putting yourself out there. I bet that is the biggest hurdle and you're already over it!

I think the soldered flowers are my favorite - oh! and I LOVE the snowflake baby.

Best of luck to you!

Denise said...

Melissa, you are an amazing artist and I applaud you for challenging yourself and taking a risk! I haven't done any shows so I don't have any advice... just support and encouragement!

Peg said...

Hi Melissa,
Your jewelry is wonderful and your prices are very reasonable. Now, go on and make a whole bunch more!

I've been making and selling jewelry for many years, too, and I think Kecia beautifully covered all the bases regarding how to show. One more suggestion: I use all black for my jewelry because it's dichroic glass which looks best against dark colors. Silver solder might be nice against dark colors, too.

I use inexpensive black jewelry display trays (from Fire Mountain or Rio Grande)and U-shaped pins to keep the pieces in place. If I want to really make something stand out, I use black velvet in an old picture frame.

Please let us know how your show goes.

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

No biting the nails off while waiting. I will think good hopeful thoughts for you!