November 19, 2008

Are done and sent off to the hostesses. A couple more things I can check off my list. Here is what I made.
For Denise’s Christmas Soldered charm swap I thought I would try something different. I cut pieces of glass in the shape of a triangle, added collage piece, then taped and soldered each piece adding strips of tape to imitate garland strung on a tree. Then I took small pieces of trunk shaped glass taped and soldered those to the base of the tree. I attached a jump ring to the top. Decorated little match boxes and wrapped a charm in each.

My second swap Holiday Ornament/charm swap hosted by Allegra. I made these a bit bigger so they can be strung on a tree or added to garland. Picture holiday memories of making a snowman and ice skating that are sandwiched between pieces of glass then soldered together and a jump ring and ribbon are added to the top. I found these great boxes that the ornaments can be stored in. I decorated them in green and red colors. The mesh window on the top is great so you can see the ornament that is inside.
So on to the next item on my list.


kecia said...

cute melissa! did you get your necklace?

MJ Alexander said...

How fun! These turned out just great!

:-) Molly

inventivesoul said...

They are SO fabulous!
WOW I am really happy that I joined this swap.
Your work is pretty, sweet, and really classic!
Your trees are great too.

Allegra Smith said...

Gorgeous! can't wait to see them. I think we are going to have a great swap and everyone is going to love their charms-ornaments.

I already got 4 white manzanita branches and I am going to make some long Swarovski drops and when I get the whole thing done I will send you a photo. thanks Melissa, great work!