December 05, 2008

What a fortune… Cookie that is.

One of those days that I brought my lunch to work, but by the time lunch came didn’t feel like having what I packed. So I headed out side to the local food court at Pioneer Place. I went with Chinese food. It’s always too late by the time I remember the portion sizes these fast food places give you. I took my leftovers home to have this weekend. Cause I have a birthday party to go to tonight. More on that later. Back to the fortune. I always open the fortune but don’t eat the cookie. You know when you read those fortunes, which are mass produced; you might not think much of them. Well today’s fortune hit home as it reads ‘Look with Favor upon a Bold Beginning’. Could that not be better timing? As I continue on with my days waiting to hear the word from the Art Show and Sell committee.
I didn't venture out over the Thanksgiving weekend. Did that once in the far past (Oh My) and not again. So I worked on creating some new pieces. I’ve been lax in my picture taking though, so hopefully this weekend I’ll get to that.
My week nights I’ve been working on decluttering my studio and house of stuff I haven’t used in forever. Boxing most of this stuff up and plan on donating it to SCRAP. Once they move to their new location. So my spare room is becoming a storage room for now. Also shredding all those paper documents that have been piling up.

So with everything going on over the last seven days I feel like this.

So I am off to my nieces birthday party, she is turning 2 years old. I got her a load of new books so that Pawpaw (grandpa) and her can sit together and read them when she’s at their house. These are the Weekly Reader books that come with a CD that is also a DVD of the book. So there are a few different ways on reading or viewing the books.

Well I’m off. Enjoy your evening.

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