July 31, 2008

Project 7 – Woven pendant and other charms

Well, I veered away from what was in the book on this one. I hammered out the star in the middle, then I punched out the circles around the perimeter thinking I would weave copper mesh through the wholes going around the outside of the star. Well trying to weave the mesh wasn’t working so well. So I improvised and just secured the copper mesh between the two pieces, so the mesh would show through the circles. I then used small 1/16” brads to secure the whole thing together and added a pin bail on the back. So I can wear it as a pin or add a chain and wear it as a necklace.
The photo that was added in the star is just a random photo I picked.

In my spare time, who needs to sleep. I also worked on making 12 of these charms for Amber Dawn’s Think Pink Charm Exchange. I went back to my soldering for this one.

Then packaged each one up in this envelope tied with pink ribbon.

Moving on to the next project in the book.


Where's Domo? said...


I'd like to invite you to participate in my quest for a home. Hope to see you at my blog!

Brave Domo

Deryn Mentock said...

Great work Melissa! I'm glad to see you were inspired to expand on the techniques in the book!

inventivesoul said...


Your Hope charms are so pretty!
Thank you for joining the swap, and for posting such beautiful pieces! Your packaging is lovely as well!


MJ Alexander said...

Melissa -

I love your version of this piece - I can really see your individuality in it, and it looks like you had fun creating it (I agree with you - the weaving was really difficult!).

Your "hope" charms are beautiful, and the packaging is the icing on the cake!

:-) Molly

Pat Winter said...

Melissa, I received one of your charms.Thank you for the beautiful charm!I love it!

inventivesoul said...

Your charms are so popular!