June 13, 2008

Unveiling My Totally Tiara - Imagination

Well, I don’t know if it is bad or good but, it’s Friday the 13th. The only one for this year. So I hope everything goes well for everybody today, no mishaps.
I do have one more thing to share from the workshop last weekend. But first, when I signed up for this class back in the beginning of January, in the comments area I put I was taking this workshop as a present to myself, as my birthday was the following weekend. Ok, so last Sunday when Brad came to the studio their daughter, Erika, came as well carrying a box of cupcakes from Saint Cupcake. Sally said it was in celebration of my birthday and all birthdays. I was floored and touched that she would remember I put that in my comments about my birthday. So we sang the happy birthday song and enjoyed the cup cakes.

Alright, so onto the Totally Tiara. I just have to say I loved making mine and am already thinking on ideas for my next one.
Wearing of the Tiara!

The Front View, I added beads to the small glass vials and soldered them to the bubbles for a little something different.

The Right side, I used a couple of tokens from Tim Holtz

The Left side, another token from Tim Holtz

The Back. I added the numbers for the year. And dangled a few of those letter charms I got from my local Joann store that were on clearance for 0.25 cents each.

So this is the top view, I don't know why I took this but it does show how big my head is, wow.

Ok, so when my tiara is not being worn it has a proper place on this pedestal atop my cabinet in my studio.

So that is my Tiara. I hope it was worth the wait. I know it was for me.

Though don't forget I still have my giveaway going on through Saturday, see here, for a chance to win a goodie bag.

Ciao for now.


Laurel said...

That is totally amazing and beautiful, Melissa! Love it!

Leticia said...

Love your tiara!

NanaBeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

m i c h e l l e said...

Your tiara is breathtaking! You did such a great job, Melissa! Happy Birthday!!!

And PS...that picture of you wearing it is SO cute!!! You look extra happy in that picture! :-)

Cindy Dean said...

This turned out sooooooo good! What an amazing job you did!

Michelle said...

i just love your tiara!

sammy said...

Your Tiara is so awsome! Great workmanship! Love all your metal art!