June 11, 2008

Animal friends at the Studio

During the two day workshop we had some two and four legged friends visit us. Of course the lovely Lucy watched over us as we were working away.

Both days Joseph, the studio bird, came to visit. He enjoys eating the peanuts off the plate through the open window. He has been coming around ever since Sally moved into this studio. So she puts peanuts out for him to enjoy. He would just sit there and eat some peanuts and then fly away.
Sunday Brad brought in his dog Indie, a gorgeous chocolate lab. Though on his papers it states he is silver. Sally told us the story about when Indie came to live with them. Indie got his name from the state that he came from, Indiana. Indie was a father’s day present for Brad last year. So he is still a puppy full of energy, though Brad has been training and working with him. Well behaved dog. I asked Brad if I could take a picture. So as you can see when Brad gave him the sign to lay down, Indie stayed put.

On another note, don't you just love those wooden floors in Sally's studio.

Friday is coming and I am working away at completing my Tiara.

So back to work I go.

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