November 18, 2007

Making Progress

Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on for my many projects I have going on.

This is a piece that I created to put on my Round Robin book that I need to have my pages done by November 30th and mailed on to the next person. It says Feelings of Fall stamped on it.

This is the front and back view of my pages for the Chunky book swap that I am in right now. The theme for this is 'A Few of my Favorite things'. So I put together a page that shows my cats, apples and the color yellow. Just a few of my favorite things. The back page is just a quick write up on my favorite things. With a Moo card attached by ribbon.

I still have my Valentine's Charm I need to put together. Though I have all of my supplies and ideas figured out. I'll see if it works once I try putting it all together. Wish me luck.

One more photo to share with you. I was heading back from my Acrylic Inventions class I took on Saturday, pictures from that class at a later time, and I headed past this.

In Portland's living room, as it is called, the Christmas Tree is being put up and trimmed. After Thanksgiving is when the lights will be lit and the magic comes to life.

Cheers :)

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