November 20, 2007

Saturdays Class
Acrylics Inventions, working with Golden Products. Our first exercise was to work with Heavy body paints and try to paint the pear the teacher handed out to each of us. Can you see it. The back ground I just did a little of this and a little of that.

Next we worked with fluid acrylic paints and tryed painting the same pear. There is such a difference in the two paints. I haven't worked much with the heavy body paints and maybe now I know why. The fluid paints I thought flowed smoother and easier to handle.

Next we moved on to some of the grounds that golden makes. Very different and interesting textures. This one is Coarse Pumic Gel that we were to experiment painting on. Very rough texture, of course it is pumic. We worked with Fluid acrylics for all the texture projects we did.

This is the Glass Bead Gel texture. Also interesting. Was not sure how to feel about this one. Though I have another idea that I can use the glass bead gel on. Not neccessary involving paint.

The last texture we worked on is Crackle Paste. Interesting to see how the paint reacted and flowed through the cracks in the paste. It does give it that mosaic look.

Interesting class all around. Learned alot of new things. Of course that is my goal with any class. Is that I leave hoping that I have learned something new.

One more thing to share with you. About three weeks ago I ordered a bag from Tammy Gilley and she is so quick in sending her items out that I received it in two days. Beofre she headed off to Silver Bella. It has felt like I have had this bag forever that I forgot to share. So here it is.

The inside view. Two pockets on each side for smaller items. Great design and size, it was tough to choose between the ones she had on her etsy store.

So for now that is all. Except to say that Everyone have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheers :)

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