January 17, 2011

My Configuration….

Woohoo, it’s finished, for now. All the parts and pieces came together. It feels great when a project you’ve wanted to get finished for the last month or so finally gets done. And now I can enjoy the finished product, ok so who's project is actually ever really finished. I may add a bit here and there later on. Sharing it with you all, my blog readers.
I started by taking some old ledger pages from a book and tearing them into strips. Which I then distressed with many of my Tim Holtz ink pads. I used different rubber stamps to add some interest and whimsy. I then took these pieces of paper and glued them to the outside of the lid. I just couldn’t part with all that Tim Holtz paper for the outside.

Though I used many different pieces of his Lost and Found papers on the inside, to collage the boxes.
The clear plastic cover has a little glare on it. So here are some closer shots without the cover.
I have a large stash of these frozen charlotte dolls that I was able to find just the right sized to include in my collage.
The stamped metal in the middle reads "roses do not have to be red". I am more partial to yellow myself. To give the metal a little distress/aged look. I took one of the fillable pens of black alcohol inks and scribbled in the letterings. Took a bit of blending solution and lightly dabbed the black off the flat part of the metal. Used a bit of sand paper to dull some of the metal and tahdah. Between some Luv and Happy.
Same thing for this "look in to the future" metal piece. I had to add a crystal, but how. Well this one has a hole at the top. So I took some wire and looped it through the hole and bent the wire to a 90 degree angle. Flipped the box upside down to glue the wire to the top of the box. So that my crystal would dangle and move. As you try and look in to the future.

For the outside I added a bit of tissue tape to four old thread spools. Then glued them to the bottom for the collage feet.
I hope you enjoy the many photos. If so please leave a comment and let me know what you like. I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Or follow my blog, as I will continue to bring even more creative creations through out the year.


Jingle said...

This looks wonderful! I have one that I just cracked open yesterday. I am not 100% sure where I want to go with it, but I think I need to just start and let it carry me away!

Karen said...

Lovely example! I'm still trying to get ideas and parts together to have a go.

~Melissa Merrill~ said...

that is always the tough part. what do I want to do with it. the idea and creativity will come to you. you can just jump in and go for it. and yes, see where it takes you. Let your creativity flow and have fun.

Beachstudio said...

Thanks for sharing! It's a wonderful project!

MaureenB said...

Really nice work Melissa! I for one am always intimidated by the blank canvas...