December 17, 2008

Photo Time.

With that extra day off from work I was able to take photos of my RR necklace that I am in with 9 other fellow charmsters. For the month of December my necklace has been home. Though New Years Eve it will be on its journey again, not returning until Summer time.
So this is what it has become so far. Jade, Zhulia and Kecia added their lovely togetherness pieces to my necklace.
Also I was able to put up my Ornaments from Allegra’s swap I was in. I went with a garland type display. I used a link chain and weaved some red and green ribbon through it and attached each ornament then strung it across my big mirror. Please excuse the dust and smear marks on my mirror. Dusting is lower on the list of things to get done around my house.
Well, the deep freeze is suppose to continue into next week as a blast of snow and freezing rain makes it way into Portland today and into the night time. So think good thoughts that we will get enough that work will be closed again on Thursday.

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Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Loving the work so far on that necklace! It will be amazing when finished! Lucky you!