December 16, 2008

Lots Going on…

Ok, so first to get this out of the way. I heard back regarding the Art Show and Sell event. Oh my, there were over 200 applicants and with this event being at Buckman Elementary school space is limited, as they said. They accepted fewer than half the applicants; I was not one of them. So, saying that I am moving on to my next event option. Also scheduled for March. Though my application does not have to be in for another month or so.

This has been a great time of year to browse through many holiday events we have in our great city. And in doing that I have meet some great people and found out about several event options.
This past weekend I volunteered at a huge, over 180 vendors, all handmade Holiday Event. Crafty Wonderland had their third annual Super Colossal Holiday Sale at the Convention Center on Sunday.
The Hall went from this on Saturday

To This on Sunday
In spite of all the winter snow we got it was a pretty good turn out. This was just outside the Convention Center where the event was taking place.
One block from my house, a winter wonderland, while I was waiting to catch the bus on Sunday.
I also saw alot of this happening on Sunday. Oregonians sometimes have a tough time adjusting to driving in different weather.

Monday - With a snow day off from work, it was closed. I got some extra time to finish up some new pendants. Here is a sneak peak. Each is 2 inches by 1.5 inches

I will have some photos of my round robin necklace and Christmas Ornaments to share tomorrow.

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MJ Alexander said...

Hi Melissa -

I love all of your new pendants - beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

:-) Molly