July 17, 2008

Project 4 – Layers Necklace

I had fun doing this project from Deryn's jewelry challenge. I already have ideas to do smaller charm size pieces for this sheet metal charm swap I’m in.

I used copper as the base and added a layer of silver with a little texture and heat patina. Pulled out my array of eyelets that I have. Added the sun at the top and a star at the bottom to hook my dangling beads from. I drew a bead on the wire to make a head pin to hold the beads.

I did find out one thing while working on this piece. My crop-a-dile tool (hand punch) is able to punch through a sheet of metal. Then I used it to set my eyelets.

Gotta get working on more of the projects so I can continue to share them with you.


Deryn Mentock said...

Wowza girl...you're cookin right through the projects! I have one of those crop-a-dile thingies and was wondering what I could do with it... Nice work on project 4!

inventivesoul said...

Thanks for joining the Think Pink charm swap for charity!
Please only send in 12.
I have needed to cut down the number for quality control reasons.
Have FUN making the charms!
Amber Dawn
PS,That is a cool project you have posted!

MJ Alexander said...

This turned ou just beautifully! I love the little red star - it adds so much. Great job!