July 02, 2008

Hand Made Greeting Cards

I’m sure everyone out there who heads to those greeting card isles at the stores have noticed the high cost of a single card

I noticed that my stash of cards is running low, so I planed on blocking out some time to work on making more to have on hand. I then ran across Heather Simpson-Bluhm’s blog and she is having a Summer Greeting card swap. How Great is that, such prefect timing. So if you too are into making your own handmade cards head on over to her blog and read more about the swap.

For the past several years my friend Leah and I get together and work on making our Holiday cards. We start in October usually since with the holiday cards we have a large number to send out at one time. Though it also is taking the time to come up with the layout of your card. Putting too much thought into it really strains the brain sometimes.

Here are some random cards I have made in the past.

I was in my using rubber stamps phase.

I have also decorated this lunch box size tin, using Alcohol Inks, which will house my cards just nicely.
happy Creating to everyone.

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Alison Gibbs said...

What great cards you have made