October 10, 2007

Wow, what a week!

Ok, I have to start by asking does any one elses creative space look like this?
This is only one of my table/desk spaces. The other is over flowing as well. As I am typing this blog I can't help but have it be in front of me.

After all the Art and Soul classes, which were just awesome by the way, it comes back to having to unpack all the class supplies. Along with all the goodies you get from vendor night and all the trades and swap items that I got as well. Oh I know what I will be doing this weekend. Working in my creative space.

Ok, so last year was my first Art and Soul and I just went to my classes and did not participate in any swaps, trades or interacted much with the whole thing. This year was 100% better. Becoming invovled with the Charmsters swap was a great thing to do. I went and met alot on fabulous ladies who just flow with talent and creativity. With over 50 ladies participating not one of the charms looked alike. I had a chain necklace that I wore through out Art and Soul that I kept adding my charms to. Well, lets say, that come the last day that thing was getting heavy. Before I put each charm on the necklace I took it out of its packaging and put the charm and persons information together and took a picture for referencing later. Since I was just on information overload I knew I would not retain it in my head. Though I have a better way for displaying and wearing my charms, so stay tuned for pictures and updates on that.

So now on to some of the classes that I took. Claudine Hellmuth's magazine alterolgy taught me alot more things that I can do with those old magazines that are lying around my house.

Sally Jeans, Le Divine Shrine class I did alot of soldering on my shrine. What is my shrine of, you may ask, well I just had to do a shrine of my two fur kids, Jasper and Tiger. They put up with my long hours away and then my many hours in my creative space. Though they do let me know when it is getting a bit much and they do need that attention. Or it just may be me feeling guilty for not giving them enough attention. This is why I don't have a dog.

Here is what I have done on my shrine. Though there is a goblet pedestal that it needs to be mounted to.
Before the glass is soldered on.

After the glass is on. Though it is a different side from above.

Well I bes be wrapping this up. Lots more to get done. More pictures to come on Art and Soul.

Until next time, keep on creating.


Anonymous said...

Linked to you from Hold Dear. Love your idea of the wee envelope for the moo. So clever! Question---I'm just starting w/ sodering. Which and where would you rec. buying a soder gun? Or does it matter...any old kind? Carol R

m i c h e l l e said...

Ug...I am STILL trying to clear the smoke in my craft room from all the Art and Soul hubbub! I'm not complaining though, I LOVE cleaning my room up and having the excuse to reorganize again!