October 20, 2007

Finishing up a couple projects.

I took Lesley Riley's More Cloth Paper Scissors class at Art and Soul and wow we learned so many great techniques using different things. I finally had time to work on putting the finished collage together. And here it is.

All sorts of things going on. Thank you Lesley for the wealth of information you filled my head with.

On another project I was working on. I have had my laminator from Purple Cows for several months now and have found a new use for it. I have put together a couple collages and then I put them in the hot pockets and put it through my laminator.

I had to be careful about the thinkness of the items I used but I think they turned out Okay.
This is just a quick post. I need to head off so I can recharge my brain for some more creative thinking.


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