January 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

You are gone but not forgotten. You are a part of why I bring out my creative side, life is short. You have to find time to do the things you love to do. It is an interesting fact I found out earlier this week. Yours is a special day that you share with Tim Holtz. Happy Birthday to you both.
Ok, in my life I have come to a realization things happen for a reason. Even the things you so badly didn’t want to happen. It’s not until many years later that I realized the path my life was taking, was leading me to where I am today. Right where I should be. I’m sure everyone has those “what if” thoughts and moments in their life.

Even in my creating, I have done a lot of over thinking in the past. That “what if” I use these colors or put this paper there or use this stamp on that. There is some thought to what you’re creating. Though now in my creating I stand in front of my supplies in my studio and ask myself “what do I want to work with today?” Pull those supplies or tools out on my table and start at it. As far as what goes where, I don’t know until I come to it and put it down somewhere. I already over think too much stuff in my life. When I create I want to get away from that side of my brain. That is what I want to continue to work on for this year. So my What if is going out the window. Just do it, is knocking at my door.
I am sharing some of my newest creations that I've worked on. Tag size #8 is the perfect size to work on. You can create back grounds on these to then combine into signatures for a journal book, for a great size to carry around with you. Putting those thoughts and ideas down on paper when they come to you. I also like these tags for when I am done I scan them into my computer. Print them off in small picture form. To put between two pieces of glass and solder to finish it off. Now I have a mini master piece I can carry around with me and share with people. I will share some photos of my pendants that I create from these creations.
Stickles are great. Before stickles I steered clear of glitter. this tag I used Diamond stickles to bling out the blue rays at the top.

Now on to starting my configuration. It has been sitting on my shelf for the last couple weeks. Though I have been gathering my ephemera and such to go inside.
I'll leave you with this thought.
There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness but of power. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.

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