August 17, 2009

Chandelier - Finally

Alright Alright. I'm being bugged about not posting photos of my chandelier from the workshop I took with Sally Jean back in July. So I'm a little behind. I've been busy, who hasn't.
So here they are.
This is what was hanging on the hook in the corner of my living room above my couch.

And now I have my chandelier there. Though I have added more of the coccoon beads from a charm swap I was in earlier this year after taking this picture. My theme for my chandelier is butterflies and nature.

A close up of the lower half of my chandelier. I added pearls to the middle area as I felt it needed something.

The upper half of my chandelier. I cut out panels from this resin sheet that I created. I put in pressed flowers and leaves along with a few sayings I cut out from some books. In my living room I already have a leaf theme going on, so the pressed flowers and leaves seemed appropriate. As with anything it may be complete for now. Though there are always changes and additions that will be done to it. One thing, I need to create more of the baby butterflies for around the top.

Now I just need to find where I put the clear strand of lights, so I can have it light up at night.

Moving Forward



Laurel said...

Great chandelier, Melissa! Hey, I just saw your charm in the new Cloth, Paper, Scissors - CONGRATS!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the chandalier! I came over from your e-mail regarding Vivs swap. It's so nice to meet you!

Sandy xox