February 02, 2009

Weekend Fun and a good buy

Friday evening all us kids got together to Celebrate my Momma’s birthday, over at my brothers house. She got to spend time with the grandkids. My nephew, who will be nine later this month, whooped my booty on Wii. I don’t have these kinds of games at my house. So I haven't been able to play much. Like I have time.
I gave her my ‘Let them Dance’ creation I made last October at Art and Soul. It’s of me in my ballerina outfit, I was 8 years old. Which I just realized that I didn't take a picture of it. So I will have to share the photo later.
Then on Saturday, she and I had our own shopping day and lunch date. One of the stores we hit was Pier One Imports. Not one of my usual stores for me, but mom goes in and gets her sprays and candles. They do smell great. They're those candles you could just carry around with you and sniff all day. Anyway, while we were looking around I saw they had 90% off all Christmas items.
I came away with these great buys. Two holiday trees, as they call them and the three silver table mats all for under $5.00. Can you say repurpose.

Ok, quick story for you. Who remembers the movie Mommie Dearest about Joan Crawford and her adoptive daughter Christina. Any way growning up when our mom would ask/tell us to clean our rooms, take our plates to the sink and stuff like that we would sometimes reply, in a joking manner, yes mommie dearest.
My mom knows I love her with all my heart.

Let me leave you with this. No more wire hangers.

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abbymaya said...

Love that movie! Glad you had such a terrific family night.