February 11, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend in California

My trip to visit my friend Ilene and attend my friend Laurel’s class was fabulous. Once the airplane was able to take off. My luck with traveling continues, the airline boarded everybody on to the plane. Sitting there while the ground crew did the final inspection. They noticed something wrong with one of the propellers. Sitting on the plane until the maintenance crew came and checked it out, just so the attendant could tell us that we had to deboard the plane. The maintenance crew needed to fix the problem and it could take up to a couple hours. Long story short we were able to board again after 45 minutes and make up some time while in flight so I was only 30 minutes late getting into Arcata.
Some great photos once we were up in the air.
Touch Down. We have arrived at your final destination and we thank you for flying with us.
Ilene and Laurel had just arrived at the airport so it was perfect timing. Leaving the parking lot I was able to snap off this picture.
On our drive to Ilene’s she took us through the city of Ferndale. A very picturesque Victorian village, population around 2000. Several movies have been filmed in that town. It was already getting dark and my pictures really didn’t turn out. So those won’t be shared.
We then headed to the house. Settled in for the night. Met Ilene and Dave’s new puppy Jack and their cat Smokey.
We helped Laurel get set up for her class the next day.
I didn’t take many photos during class but here is what I completed. Made molds out of several of my buttons and other items. The heart one is from Laurel’s stash of molds. Hers turns out so much better. We worked on the fuax jade technique during class. Ilene put it best when saying " we wont look at another button or textured item the same".
Everyone had a great time and Ilene made a fabulous lunch. As the class wound down and evening approach Ilene mentioned that Eureka was having their monthly Open Art night and would we like to go. Laurel stayed home as she already had a long day with teaching her first class. So she rested up while the three of us headed into town. Made our way around the Open Arts of Eureka and then headed to Rita’s Mexican Restaurant, one of Ilene and Dave’s favorite places to eat.
Some last minute photos of the beautiful and peaceful place Ilene and Dave live at.
I imagine this back yard is just to die for in the summer time with everything in bloom.
Then it was time for Laurel and me to hit the road on Sunday morning up to Portland.
I love vacations, but it's always nice to get back home. I miss my fur kids when I'm away.


Ilene Harris said...

Hi Melissa!

Great documentation and sweet pictures...

Please let me know how the "interviews" went. And have you seen Laurel?


Laurel said...

Hey! I'm here at Allegra's after a stop with Denise for one night! Great time, you two!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Hi Melissa! You won a free digital collage sheet from my shop from OWOH! Please check out my shop and email me your choice :).

Diana said...

I so enjoyed visiting your blog today, Melissa. Your kitties are so very sweet. Looking forward to seeing you in July at Sally Jean's.