November 10, 2008

The rest of my weekend

Saturday evening my niece Grace came to have a sleep over at Aunt Melissa’s house. We broke out the paints and papers. Quite the talent for a 4 year old, if I do say so myself.
We read a few books then she got tucked in for the night with her light up bear she brought. That twin bed in my play room is getting some use again, besides for storing boxes on. After I finished up some things and before heading to bed, I checked in on her, sound asleep. Any time I have my nephews or nieces over for a night I seem to be a light sleeper. Thinking at any point during the night they could wake up and I need to be able to hear that. Safe to say no night mares or ghosts under the bed.

So Sunday comes and we have a nice breakfast of waffles, eggs, bacon and juice. Back to more creating.
As grace worked on more painting, I worked on my Christmas charms for the charmsters swap I’m in. Grace wanted to help so she staked the glass pieces in the shape of a flower.
Genius, did I mention that she is only 4 years old. I am here to pass on our creative gene.

We also lounged on the couch and watched a movie, had popcorn and hot coco.

I already got Grace her Christmas gift. She always likes seeing the photos that I have on my camera. So I bought her a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. She can take and print out pictures of her very own.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend! You're a great Auntie!