October 22, 2008

Dolls Galore

Wow, those little baby dolls are popular. I only have about 22 of them left that come with the limbs.
Let me show you something I did with one. I found these butterfly wings at Michaels a few weeks ago in these great Fall colors. So I made a doll butterfly and attached it to my collage piece. The doll was just the right size for those wings, ok so maybe they are big but it works for me. The words ‘Awaken your inner child’ seemed to go with the flying doll.
More fun dolls. I won this small lot of dolls with bonnets/hats. They all have legs except for that one that lost its foot. The size is between 2” and 2 ½”. The arm area has predrilled holes. I have a few I can sell. If interested email me, mmerrill_20@hotmail.com.
I have another lot I won that has these tiny little frozen charlotte dolls. They remind me of those Polly pocket dolls for kids. These are all about 1 inch tall.

So if you are interested in any of these great dolls, email me mmerrill_20@hotmail.com

More great finds to come.

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m i c h e l l e said...

Oh don't tease me!!! You know I'm interested! :-) I'll email you.