October 10, 2008

Art and Soul – Part 2

On to the paper and painting.

I took the Thursday night class from Tracie Lyn Huskamp and Marylin Huskamp - Yummy Fused Paper. All I have to say is I now have a new use for all those small scraps of paper, fabric, ribbon and such that I just can’t seem to let go of. For all of you out there Steam a Seam 2 is now the answer, that and an iron. I added a cut up post card to make it a little collage.
My Sunday class was one that I added to my selection back in August. Riding the Paper Trail, taught by Deb Trotter, gave me a new outlook on tissue paper. Again something I always have excess of. We got to work on two pieces.
The first one was just free flow with layering tissue paper and then placing the images and final touches of the piece.
The second piece we used different kinds of handmade papers. Though before placing them down we worked on the layout and placement of all our pieces.
My Monday class I was able to buy from Shari French, who had to cut her trip short to fly to her little sisters Wedding. Bedazzled butterfly box with Stephanie Rubiano
Mine is a little different than how other people did theirs. My photo is not of a little girl in a dress. It is of me at the age of 8 in my ballerina outfit. The full photo showed me posing for my mom as I was twirling around our living room.
I went and scrambled through the on site store to find something for the photo to stand on. It all fell into place when I found these great little letter cubes. I had some extra frozen charlotte dolls so I came up with the words ‘let them dance’. These little dolls are good for all sorts of stuff.

Though I did see fellow charmster, Christine Hendry and her mom, use pictures of their cute kitty cats. Great idea.

Still more to come.


Anonymous said...

It was good to see you, if briefly, at the charm exchanges. I was in Stephanie Lee's class with you, and wore the piece I made there of the found objects. I turned it into a locket necklace with a pic of my honey. It got a lot of "ooo's and ahhh's" from the other Charmsters. It was a fun time, and like you, I learned a lot of new techniques. I also learned that I LOVE to do assemblage art! Make art and enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa!

It looks like you had a FABULOUS time at Art and Soul! You live there in Portland, don't you? What a week! I can hardly believe that it was just a year ago that I was there, too. I remember the excitement and the magic of the event and how unbelievable inspiring the whole thing was. I wish I could have gone this year!

You sure made some beautiful art while you were there! I love the necklace you made in Nina's class.

Take care! I hope to participate in a swap with the group soon!