June 20, 2008

How/where do Creative thoughts and Ideas come to you?

I don’t know about you but mine seem to come a lot when I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep. Also when I am in the bathroom, taking a shower, getting ready for work, going to the bathroom. I notice, that little light bulb go on in my head.
So why am I talking about this. Well a couple days ago, when I was taking a shower, my mind was bouncing around the ideas people left for me regarding my paper dolls. As I said before with 22 dolls what would be a great way to display them. What came to mind was a combo of ideas. First I will need to find an open frame. My idea is to have several of the dolls collaged with in this frame and then have the others strung hand in hand heading in a line into the frame. Like it is a bunch of friends getting together. So with this idea it could not go on just any wall. It needs to be a focal piece. So later on it came to me as I was coming in the front door of my house. Bam. Why not the main wall in my living room. Though that would mean I need to move my collage of leaves.

Nothing like adding more projects to an already long list. Though you can see there are some partial projects still in the works across the top of the wall. So I think that is what will be going on this wall, in time. I will be keeping my eye out for just the right open frame for my paper dolls.

Just thought I'd share.

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Laurel said...

What a great idea for the paper dolls! I can totally see that on your wall. I think you should definitely set aside some time for this one.
The worst, and unfortunately, frequent time for me to get ideas is when I'm in the middle of making something else. I'll glance to the side, see something, and it will spark an idea.
Too many ideas - not enough time! :P